About Us

In the ’90s I was captured by leather as a working material, and I became excited by designing from different types and colors of leathers. In my mind I imagined different wallets and cases, and then I started to turn my dreams into reality.
This is how I started to learn the trade. In the beginning I manufactured goods for my friends, then I started to bring them to various markets.

I got in contact with many different types of leathers, applying different techniques and finally I arrived to a unique style of my own. I tend to spend a lot of time with planning until I am completely satisfied with the esthetics, the form and the functions of my products. I work only with the best materials, because a durable leather product requires the finest ingredients.

In the meantime my wife joined me in my work. She applies her artistic talent coloring the leather goods. She graduated from Art School having a major in artistic painting, so now she has many opportunities to practice her talent.

As the years passed by we were blessed with four children.

They come into the shop from time to time and help me in my work, so gradually they get to learn this beautiful trade to our joy and satisfaction.

All this is framed by our natural style of living.

Our children are homeschooled, so they have many opportunities to enjoy the beauties and wonders of creation. As a part of their curriculum they learn this most ancient trade alongside with their daily studies.

By ancient, I mean really ancient:

„Also for Adam and his wife the Lord God made tunics of skin...” Genesis 3:21

I hope you’ll enjoy the continuously expanding variety of our products.

Thank you for visiting!


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Shipping in EU, CH,
UK and USA