Birth Story - Stitchless Handmade Leather Wallets

Finally! It’s perfect!

Over the past decades of our professional career, quality has always been our main aspect in designing our every product.

Because of that, we study its every component: Functionality, Durability, Materials, Aesthetics, and we strive to make our products as premium as possible.

While working on fitting and joining the wallet, I was thinking a lot about the stitching, and the possibilities of minimizing its usage. The main reason why most leather product aren’t as long-lived as they could be, is the stitching.

I’m sure, you’ve already seen some leather goods, on which the seams have already deteriorated, and all that’s left is a reminder of what the product was supposed to be.

One day, while I was putting my youngest daughter to sleep, and of course, thinking about fitting and completing the wallet, I had an epiphany!



Thus, the design of the “spliced-folded” wallet was born.

I couldn’t wait to put my idea to the test!

Will this spliced wallet be usable?

Will its functionality be compromised?

Will it still be aesthetically pleasing?

Finding a solution, that satisfies all of these aspects, is very unlikely. As the similar poles of two magnets, these qualities repel each other.  Or is it just Murphy’s law? If the product has a rich functionality, then its aesthetics are lame. If it looks amazing, then it probably won’t last you long, and so on and so forth.


Except this was one of the rare moments when I found, that the stars had perfectly aligned.

In contrary to what I was expecting, it hadn’t lost, but actually gained functionality.

And what about the products durability? After all, that is where this story started.

As expected, it has greatly improved, and now, matches the durability of leather.

What’s more, no glue is used in its making! (Which by the way is very harmful to our health and environment.)

And the aesthetics! Gorgeous!


It is an immense pleasure to work with this product.

That’s how this innovative, patented product was born.


FREE Shipping in EU, CH, UK and USA


Shipping in EU, CH,
UK and USA