Cognac Handmade Leather Wallet - EU

Stitchless Leather Handmade Cognac Minimalist Wallet, fits all EU bills

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45 Eur / pcs

Cognac Handmade Leather Wallet - EU description

Minimalist Handmade Leather Wallet for men and women.


This Stitchless Wallet will easily fit 6 to 8 cards and many banknotes, or even 10 cards and bills in extreme cases.

This is not a usual Leather Wallet, even though it has all the functionalities of one. This Minimalist Handmade Leather Wallet has an innovative slim stitchless design.

This is a significant quality improvement because the stitching always deteriorates faster than leather (see the Birth Story). The result is a very thin Slim Leather Wallet that will last a lifetime of heavy use. Basically, it won’t wear out.

You can pack more into this Minimalist Stitchless Wallet compared to stitched wallets. This Slim Wallet can easily fit 6 to 8 credit cards and many banknotes. You might even find room for 10 cards, but if you use only one or two, our Minimalist Handmade Wallet will hold them tight, and it is going to stay extra thin.

The first and last pocket of this Minimalist Handmade Stitchless Leather Wallet can hold two cards each. The rest of your cards, up to 4, can fit into the second pocket in the front of this Handmade Wallet. The larger middle pocket of the Wallet is for the folded banknotes.


Cognac Minimalist Leather Handmade Wallet -Special Features

♦ Handmade per order from our workshop
♦ Stitchless production method
♦ Full-Grain Leather that won’t wear out
♦ High quality spliced Leather Wallet
♦ Original proprietary Slim Wallet design 
♦ Our Handmade Wallet can hold 6 or 8 cards
♦ You can even fit 10 cards and bills in extreme cases
♦ The perfect all-round EDC Minimalist Wallet
♦ 3-year warranty to all Handmade Wallets



Cognac Minimalist Handmade Leather Wallet -Size

The Handmade Wallet measures 4,13” x 3,03” or 10,5 cm x 7,7 cm

This Minimalist Wallet will fit all EU bills.


Hint for the Leather Handmade Slim Wallet

If you have more than 8 cards and you’d like to fit in your banknotes, pull the cards out just a little, and you’ll be surprised how many bills will get in. 

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